02 March 2018 Product Updates

New matt acrylics right here and right on trend..

Product Updates

We've just added five gorgeous new matt colours to the 10 gloss Prime Acrylic colours launched last year. Soft to touch, these acrylics provide a sophisticated finish that are right on trend. They have the highest level of scratch and UV resistance available on the market.

Easy to clean and less prone to smudges and marks from fingerprints these matt acrylics are very durable and will add a touch of glamour to any interior. The five colours have been chosen to complement other finishes such as woodgrains, stones and concrete.

Choosing Prime Acrylic just got easier too...

With the introduction of the new matt acrylics, we've simplified the offer across the entire Prime Acrylic range. Key changes include:

  • Face 2 sides is the only offer at a very competitive price
  • A major price reduction on our matched standard 1mm and laser edging - and one edging price for all colours
  • Improved edging quality with the move to a new supplier
  • Extended 10 year warranty on acrylic products (previously seven years)
  • Two panel sizes, three thicknesses and your choice of quality New Zealand made MDF or MDF MR/EO substrate


If you have a Prime Acrylic folder, this will be updated by NZPG account managers or specification managers on their next visit.

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