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14 March 2021 Product Updates

Major update for Prime Laminate ranges

Product Updates

There's now plenty of creative scope to meet the demand for matched splashbacks, benchtops and vertical cabinetry with more than 18 crossover designs appearing in Prime Laminate's updated Benchtop HPL and Pressed HPL Panel ranges.  

High-pressure laminate (HPL) has become increasingly popular for vertical cabinetry and the addition of seven best sellers from the existing Benchtop HPL range to the Pressed HPL Panel range provide some more stylish options in marble, concrete and stone.  Two new designs (Zen a soft grey-blue tone and the gold-veined Caspio) have also been added.

The Benchtop HPL range has also received a boost with the addition of a bold new terrazzo design (Ambio Terrazzo) along with a finer terrazzo (Piccolo Terrazzo), and Caspio which also appears in the Pressed HPL Panel range.   New ABS edge tape in either 53 or 55m wide has been introduced for the most popular benchtop colours, bringing the total edge tape offer to 35 for the combined ranges.

The major range update means Prime Laminate is now able to offer the best of both worlds - great looking designs in large sheet sizes for use as benchtops, or options in a smaller and more affordable size for use as a pressed panel.  A stunning new catalogue has been released to celebrate the range relaunch - view, download or order your copy here.

Anti-microbial properties, which includes anti-bacterial, are available for the majority of colours.  Melamine matches are available for five designs.

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